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The Concept Studio, founded by Stephen O’Shea in 1999 is a trusted business and marketing partner for its clients. Driven by a passion to help build businesses by leveraging transformational innovation and technologies, and propelled by powerful insight led ideas, TCS thrives on delivering purposeful solutions.

With boundless curiosity, energy and creativity, The Concept Studio is in a constant state of discovery, knowledge, and experience gathering to enable its clients to take advantage of tomorrow’s technology today. The rapid proliferation of digital innovation and adoption by consumers and businesses alike demands an aggressive commitment to be among the leaders bringing them to market.

While The Concept Studio has a 20+ year history of not only being on the edge of seminal moments of change but participating in them, TCS is more excited than ever to be part of the seismic shift that is being driven by 5G, Cloud Computing, IoT, Blockchain, NFTs and more.

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